Emanuele Andrisani


Emanuele Andrisani, originally from Matera, has been living in London for 18 years and works as a lead concierge at a luxury hotel. He shares his journey, from the temporary move to his connections with his hometown, the challenges and changes he has experienced, and his optimistic vision for the future of Matera.

Emanuele’s heart belonged to Matera, his hometown, and leaving was never an option – that is, until fate took him on a detour to London 18 years ago. Today, at 46, he’s a Londoner through and through, the concierge at the posh Grosvenor House Suites, sharing his life with his partner, Ana Belén. “Eighteen years can change a man,” he muses, “and I’m no exception.” But despite the years and the miles, Emanuele’s connection to Matera remains strong. He cherishes his old friendships and savors every bite of Lucanian delicacies, especially the bread and scamorza cheese. Emanuele believes Matera has a bright future, a chance to rise from the ashes. But it’s up to the Materans to seize this moment, to play their cards right.